Two-factor authentication by OTP for TSPlus remote desktop access

We have tried out Terminal Services Plus (TSPlus) solution for Remote Desktop access for Windows 7/8/10 with Rohos Logon Key installed. Both TSPlus web based access and MS Remote Desktop Connection application uses target Windows authentication system. This is the point where Rohos Logon Key applies 2-factor authentication control. The following screenshot demonstates 2FA requirement upon successfullt password based remote access with  TSPlus web :

Learn more about Rohos Logon Key benefits with TSPlus remote desktop solution.

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macOS High Sierra support in Rohos Logon Key

We have updated Rohos Logon Key for Mac to support macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Also we would like to announce soon support for U2F security keys for Mac login.

What’s new:

  • Added support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed Rohos Logon sub folders permissions conflict.

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FIDO U2F security keys’ review: authentication, digital signature or blockchain?

Research on Security Keys

While integrating FIDO U2F key as a new authentication method to Rohos Logon Key, we have reviewed it’s features. In this article we outline the origin and history of U2F, how it works on low level, the list of capabilities and possible applications that beside authentication includes also document signature, crypto-currency, blockchain and change management.

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Rohos Face Logon 3.3

Meet a new version of Rohos Face logon from 17 January 2017. In this realease:

  • was added a support for Windows Surface 10 tablets;
  • were fixed some compatibility errors;
  • added support for Windows Surface PRO 2 devices;
  • now you can disable the logging of faces(Options -> Logged in -> off);
  • now it is possible to register another user face from current user profile. A new user can then log in without his default password;
  • the price was significally reduced (only 9Euro).

In future we plan to add a remote storing of users’ photos to provide the network access  to homegroup and domain  computers.

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Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS Sierra

Data leaks prevention system StaffCounter DLP is available now

We are glad to present you a new product designed to prevent the leakage of information: StaffCounter DLP. This cloud-based solution allows you to protect your business from insiders and possible leakage of commercial information to competitors.

StaffCounter DLP includes:

  • Monitoring of USB drives with three types of permits: a ban on entry, read-only, full access by the serial number.
  • Control of MTP devices connection via the USB port.
  • A ban on the recording CD / DVD.
  • Control of data recording to network resources.
  • Data ban via Bluetooth.
  • Control of leakage of information through Outlook or Thunderbird: filtering data, sending via browser or email client.
  • Control of downloading and installing of applications.
  • Control of all actions of the employees at the PC.

Install StaffCounter DLP now and get effective protection of data from unauthorized copying and distribution. StaffCounter DLP can be purchased at a reasonable price – just $ 2 per computer per month + a month of free use.

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 2012Server are supported.

Rohos Disk and Rohos Mini 2.3

July 1, 2016 saw the release of new versions of Rohos Disk Encryption and its free counterpart Rohos Mini. These applications received a facelift and improved internal design.

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Rohos Logon Key 3.3

We are happy to announce Rohos Logon Key v.3.3 with many improvements and one nice feature.

In Version 3.3:

  • New look and options
  • 2-factor Authentication Setup and Emergency Logon improvements;
  • Improved support for Remote Desktop,
  • IP filter, error-free determination of your IP address. You can write several IP-addresses, (no spaces, comma is delimiter)
  • Improved support for OTP.
  • Support for https SMS gateway.

Rohos Logon Key 2.6 para Mac OS X 10.9

Le informamos la nueva versión de Rohos Logon Key 2.6 para Mac OS X 10.9 !

Rohos Logon Key para Mac OS X

Si Usted utiliza Rohos Logon Key versión 2.5 por favor ejecuten “Desinstalar” del archivo de configuración. Antes de instalar la versión nueva por favor desinstalen Rohos Logon Key v. 2.5 Descarguen nuevo y ábrelo.

Ejecuten Reinicien el Mac.

Instalen la nueva versión de Rohos Logon Key y configuren la llave USB también los parámetros de seguridad. * Para los usuarios registrados está actualización es gratuita.

Rohos Face Logon Edición gratuita disponible!

Tesline-Service SRL está contento de anunciar la versión Gratuita de Rohos Face Logon. La autentificación biométrica le permite iniciar la sesión en cualquier Windows sólo con la cara y cámara web. Es una forma rápida y útil de acceso a PC o portátil. Abra la tapa, inicie el equipo y la ventana de inicialización mostrará tu cara, después del reconocimiento, el escritorio será disponible.

Beneficios de la versión freeware Rohos Face Logon:

  • Rápido
  • Gratuito
  • Utilizable

Hay versión del programa (software) en español.

Problemas conocidos:

Mejor hacer tantos modelos como sea posible, con iluminación diferente para que hace que el programa le reconozca con mayor rapidez.

Descargar Rohos Face Logon edición Gratuita.