Data leaks prevention system StaffCounter DLP is available now

We are glad to present you a new product designed to prevent the leakage of information: StaffCounter DLP. This cloud-based solution allows you to protect your business from insiders and possible leakage of commercial information to competitors.

StaffCounter DLP includes:

  • Monitoring of USB drives with three types of permits: a ban on entry, read-only, full access by the serial number.
  • Control of MTP devices connection via the USB port.
  • A ban on the recording CD / DVD.
  • Control of data recording to network resources.
  • Data ban via Bluetooth.
  • Control of leakage of information through Outlook or Thunderbird: filtering data, sending via browser or email client.
  • Control of downloading and installing of applications.
  • Control of all actions of the employees at the PC.

Install StaffCounter DLP now and get effective protection of data from unauthorized copying and distribution. StaffCounter DLP can be purchased at a reasonable price – just $ 2 per computer per month + a month of free use.

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 2012Server are supported.
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